Insight Videos

Watch our experts in action and hear explanations of complex solutions in terms that make sense to you. Some videos are bits of advice and clips of key takeaways from webinars. We will also pass along recommendations we’ve received from trusted sources.

Business woman talking to someone off-camera

Improving BOLI Yield

Video By R. Scott Richardson, JD

Learn more with R. Scott Richardson, JD, President & CEO

Retirement Plan Benchmarking

business dressed man purporting to be CEO
1 hour 15min

How to pay your CEO

Video By R. Scott Richardson, JD
Ripped USA dollar held by a white hand
30 min

Split Dollar Loan Plans

Video By R. Scott Richardson, JD
man looking at a computer screen showing financial inforation
50 min

Balance Sheet Optimization

Video By Todd Taylor
Business female talking to another woman
1 hour

Demystifying BOLI

Video By R. Scott Richardson, JD
laptop with super-imposed screen showing data
35 min

The Art and Science of Executive Benefits

Video By R. Scott Richardson, JD

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