Executives know their worth; they are well aware of the value they bring to your credit union. And as the talent pool continues to shrink, the stakes spike even higher. A competitive salary and attractive benefits package are no longer enough. Savvy ones are getting creative with their compensation packages. Want to learn more about long-term solutions to sweeten the pot?
Scott and Chris Richardson join other headliners, explaining why credit unions should rethink executive benefits.

In this article, Scott describes how IZALE successfully helped three DCUC members implement plans that delivered premium executive benefits – and improved retention. One client chose a Section 457(f) plan, while another found Restricted Executive Bonus Agreement or REBA more advantageous for their retirement packages. The third client preferred the Split Dollar method. Which one will enhance your retention efforts?

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IZALE founder and CEO, Scott Richardson has been delivering unsurpassed experience to clients for four decades, helping them execute optimal compensation packages. He delivers rich insight to clients by helping them structure compensation, nonqualified benefits, and both bank-owned life insurance (BOLI) and corporate-owned life insurance (COLI) plans.

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