How can you preserve assets when life throws a wrench in your plans?

  • A favorite compensation analogy we use is the three-legged stool: the legs represent current income, the opportunity to generate wealth, and the need to protect it. If one leg is torn away, the stool wobbles.
  • We customize an asset protection plan that can defend your fortress now – and in the future.
  • We offer a full suite of solutions that will give you financial peace of mind for now – and later.

Hard Reset Required

One moment, a business is taking giant strides forward. But this could change in an instant if a key person is no longer around.

Breaking news headlines remind us daily how transitory people are. In addition to the potential loss of revenue, there will also be major talent acquisition expenses.

Options abound that can help offset the losses. We have the capacity and expertise to help you make well-informed decisions – and execute them.

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Businesses can Evolve and Still Thrive

Founders have taken many risks to build a profitable business; they want assurance that the next leader will share their vision of the future after their departure.

A people-focused strategy should serve as the foundation when creating a business succession plan.

Talk to us to learn how your organization can prepare in advance to ensure a transfer is seamless.

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Taking decisive action now will help you manage risk and safeguard assets so you can build a better future.


  • Over 1,150 non-qualified benefit plans designed and implemented successfully.
  • Service over $2 billion in cash surrender value.
  • Implemented over 45 sustainable fee-income programs for Financial Institutions since 2014.
  • Customized Key Person and Succession Programs to protect company assets.
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3 Simple Steps to Finding Your Tailored Solution


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We then research and collaborate, including our network of experts as needed.


Lastly, we tailor a solution that fits where you are and builds a roadmap to your goals.

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